Who wants to make it

What is who wants to make it?

'Who Wants To Make It' is the world's largest open audition platform, where every artist gets a fair chance to submit music, audition, or perform at major events.

How will artists perform virtually?

Virtual performers will pre-record their performance and upload it to YouTube. The YouTube performance will be re-broadcasted to our network of affiliates in order to stream it to the live audience. 

Virtual performance rules

The video must be no longer than 3-5 minutes long (length of 1 song). Profanity is acceptable, but no nudity or content that YouTube would flag. It does not have to be a professional setting; it can be in a living room. We are not judging artists based on their setting. We want everyone to have a fair opportunity. iPhones are recommended for best quality, however any phone, tablet or camera will work. Logos and promotional/non-offensive text is acceptable 

How will fans be able to access the show from home?

Fans can access the show from www.2hotradio.com 

Who can attend?

it's Open, but we will follow the guidelines based on each city. (Mask wearing, etc)

Can I perform virtually/in person?

Yes, you may perform virtually or in person once you receive 10 nominations. If you perform virtually, we will need a video of your performance in advance so we can air it in time. If you want to perform in person, please send us your performance track. 

What is the performance fee for the show?

You must have 10 nominations to perform. Each nom costs $10. Anyone with ten nominations is guaranteed a spot in the line up.

How many tracks can I submit?
Only One track
I wasn't able to make it. How can I perform virtually?

You may be able to submit your video for our remix show. Please contact our support team so someone can assist you.

How many tracks can I perform?

You have up to 5 minutes of performance time.

Do I have to perform the song I sent in for approval?

No, you can perform a different song than you originally sent in But you will need to update us once at the event. No FLASH Drives!

If the show is virtual why am I performing live?

It's virtual because while you will be performing live from our set, we will be streaming to an online audience. Due to Covid-19 guidelines, we allow everyone to be a part of the audience. 

What time do I perform?

Artists performance stage times and stream links will be announced beginning on {date TBD} For showtimes and artist lineup click here 


Do I get paid for shows?

No, you don't get paid but you get to perform for an online audience of thousands and network with other artists and industry professionals. 

Do I have to pay for travel?

2HotRadio is not responsible for any travel accommodations. However, please visit 2hottravel.com to book and receive discounts and points towards your score. 

How do I submit my song?

Please use the link below to submit your song using a Youtube or Soundcloud link ONLY. https://talent.whowantstomakeit.com/submitmusic243424

What if I am confirmed to perform in person, but I miss my performance?

*check to make sure they really are confirmed aka have 10 or more nominations* *Tag artist as “credit for next event”* 

No worries at all! You have a credit to perform at our next event. Stay tuned for details. 

What if I am confirmed to perform virtually, but I didn’t send in my performance video in time?

*check to make sure they really are confirmed aka have 10 or more nominations* *Tag as {tag TBD - ask your manager}* 

We are going to air your performance at our replay show on {TBD}. This will not affect your chances in the competition! Your submission will still be scored by our panel of judges.

Can I watch other performances online?

Yes. Although we suggest you look for your artist's time and stream link here https://www.2hotradio.com/show-times.html as times are subject to change. 

Is the event for artists open to all ages?


What is the dress code for the event?

No dress code, just come looking like a star! 

What happens after the performance?

All artists who have Black Love Freestyles will receive airplay on Amazon's Alexa, Apple Car Play, and BDS through 2HotRadio in order to gain points and receive royalty payments. There will also be a social media poll for fans to interact and select their favorite artists. The top 5 artists from will advance as regional finalists to the BET Awards Weekend June 2022! The #1 

the artist overall receives a grand prize up to $10,000 cash. 

Will artists who perform virtually receive the same benefits?

Yes. The benefits package will be sent by mail, excluding the bottle of champagne, due to alcohol laws. However, a voucher will be provided for complimentary champagne at our next event. 

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