TOP 5 Details

"Talent Score" Includes a Combination of the following: 

Judges Score: up to 50,000 Points 

Black Love Freestyle Radio Upvotes: 10 pts each 

(Freestyles will begin airing on 2HotRadio next week, 

we'll send another email next week with the full schedule 

& times. 

Trash Talk Video: 1000 bonus pts 

The bottom line - There's plenty of ways to advance! Based on talent OR nominations. 

All regional finalists will have the chance to compete for the grand prize of up to $10,000 cash and a deal up to $250,000 at the national finals in LA - Summer of 2021

NOMINATIONS END: Tues. Jan. 19 @ 3pm (EST) 

⭐ WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Fri. Jan. 22 @ 6:45pm (EST) on 2HotRadio 

A full score breakdown will be provided for each artist at this time.

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