Where can I buy nominations for Shows?
Where can I check my nominations for Shows?

Please click the following link and then look under “sold so far.”

Keep in mind it takes about 24 hours for new nominations to process and be added to the nomination list.

What is the deadline to get 10 nominations?
Please contact customer support for a list of dates:
What are the different performance levels?

1+ nomination = Elite Membership Program 

10+ nominations = Bronze Performer 

20+ nominations = Silver Performer 

50+ nominations = Gold Performer 

100+ nominations = Platinum Performer

What's included in the BRONZE PERFORMANCE

Platform to perform and network

What's included in the SILVER PERFORMANCE

The artist will have a chance to be featured on Worldstar and receive access to the red carpet green room at the show.

What's included in the GOLD PERFORMANCE

The artist will have a chance to be featured on Worldstar and receive access to the red carpet green room at the show. Additionally,  they'll also receive a complimentary bottle of champagne; a VIP Ticket for the after-party, and a chance to work with super producer Saucelord Rich of FKI, who has produced for 2 Chainz, French Montana, Gucci Mane, Bankroll Fresh, Famous Dex, Jhene Aiko, Post Malone, and many more. 

What's included in the PLATINUM PERFORMANCE

Platinum performers receive everything offered in the Bronze, Silver & Gold packages. Performance for BET Weekend Opportunity, 30 day free membership w/ 2HOTRADIO elite, Chance to be on worldstar, access to lounge area, complimentary bottle of champagne, chance to work with fki sauce, guaranteed performance BET weekend 2022, opportunity to earn show money BET weekend 

What is a nomination?

A nomination is similar to a ticket purchase. The nomination acknowledges that you 'would' buy a ticket to see this artist, if it weren't for these unprecedented times. A nomination is how you can support an artist from the comfort and safety of your home. 

How many nominations do artists need in order to perform?

Only 10 nominations for a BRONZE PERFORMANCE

I just got some new nominations in and I don’t see them on the website. Why?

The nominations update on the website once a day. Check back in a couple hours and your nomination count should be updated. 

What happens when an artist gets their first nomination?

They are automatically enrolled in our brand new 2HotRadio Elite Membership for 30 days FREE, which includes access to more performance opportunities, access to sell merch on, access to music courses, access to receive radio play with Amazon's Alexa, Apple CarPlay, and BDS through 2HotRadio and receive royalty payments, and more! 

What happens if artists sell more than 10 nominations?

Artists receive 50 points for every nomination sold. The points are added to the artist's score to help them make it to the Top 5. If the artist sells 20 or more tickets, they become a SILVER PERFORMER.

Is the Top 5 & #1 Artist determined by who has the most nominations?

No, not nominations alone. The Top 5 & #1 Artist is based upon a points system. Nominations do help artists increase their points, however the judges score counts for the most points, which makes the final decision based on talent.

How will you know my nomination purchase goes to the right artist?

Prior to clicking "Add to Cart" be sure to swipe up and click the drop down menu that says "Click Here To Select An Artist" and select the artist's name that you want to purchase nominations for. This will ensure the correct artist receives credit.

How will you know how many nominations the artists have sold?

Swipe up and click the "Sold So Far" tab to see how many nominations have been sold so far. The tab will also let you know when to check back for the next update, as nominations sold do NOT update automatically. 

I selected the wrong artist to nominate by mistake.

No worries, we can fix this on our backend. Please open a support ticket here: 

Can artists purchase nominations for themselves?


Are nominations refundable?

No, due to policy all nomination sales are final and there will be no refunds given. 

Who can I contact if I need further assistance?

Please contact our support team at

Nominations or performing after the deadline requests.

Please submit a request for additional time for nomination submissions to 

I want to verify that my nomination went to the right artist.

We would be happy to verify that for you. Please submit a ticket here with your order number.

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