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About this Course

This multi-video e-course is designed to help prepare you for jobs, gigs, and entrepreneurial ventures in the film, music, sports and entertainment industry.

What You'll Learn

Insider knowledge and tips on how to become successful, how to book gigs and jobs, and marketing expertise. Best of all, you'll learn from others who are already successful and actively working in the industry!

After The Course

The final test will be available immediately. If you pass, you'll receive certificate of completion that you can use on your resume. You'll also be added to our Film , which gives you 1st access to paid bookings, gigs, jobs and marketing contracts.  


You must be at least 18 years or older, with a passion for acting, modeling, music, marketing or entrepreneurship.  

Length/Tuition Cost

Self-paced. Average of 30 days or less to complete.
Tuition: $2997 | $125 with Scholarship

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